About iSIGMA, an ESG Company

iSIGMA has established itself as a leader in providing innovative technological solutions to its clients. With a strong focus on the energy and utilities industry we have developed a complete Customer Care & Billing solution. Our specialized solutions are used in the regulated and deregulated markets by retail electric providers, TDSPs, investor owned utilities, energy aggregators, co-ops, and municipals.

iSIGMA began its operations in 1997 servicing IOUs, Co-Ops and Municipals in the regulated markets. iSIGMA began its deregulated market operations in 2002 after the Texas Legislature passed Senate Bill 7 enabling 6.5 million individuals and corporations in the nation’s first ISO – ERCOT- to choose their retail electric provider. iSIGMA’s Customer Care & Billing solution has since grown and is currently serving energy retailers in most deregulated states _ to meet energy retailers’ back office operational needs. More than 50% of iSIGMA’s clients have moved from another billing platform to iSIGMA and the rest of our clients have started operations ground up with iSIGMA’s Customer Care & Billing platform. Transitioned or ground-up, clients have grown with iSIGMA which in turn has helped iSIGMA to keep innovating and offering forward thinking solutions that truly merge information with technology.

Our mission is to provide our clients with solutions that enable organizations of all sizes – from Top Ten retailers to start ups -to grow with our proven Customer Care & Billing solution covering the entire customer life cycle, from prospect to cash management. Our services are used for multiple commodities including electric, gas, water, as well as non-commodity add-on services in the regulated and deregulated markets. You’ll find iSIGMA as the Customer Care & Billing provider behind the scenes at many of the larger energy retailers as well as smaller retailers who have just entered the market. It’s no coincidence that iSIGMA-supported retailers have historically responded to independent market surveys that customer demand for their products & services as a whole continues to grow versus retailer’s not using iSIGMA.


In May 2017, Energy Services Group, following its recent acquisition of UK-based Utiligroup which extended ESG’s global footprint and product capabilities, ESG further solidified its leadership position in the billing and Customer Information System (CIS) space by adding iSIGMA’s innovative solutions.  As the North American retail energy sector continues to mature, offering an end-to-end business solution that provides the underlying platform for retail energy providers of all sizes and across geographies is a key differentiator for ESG.