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top 10 online bingo
top ten bingo sites

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Popular Online Bingo
Top Ten Bingo Sites
Popular Bingo Sites
Top 10 Bingo Sites
Top 10 Online Bingo
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iSIGMA has been providing a powerful, fully integrated web-based Customer Care and Billing solution with impressive functionality and flexibility to Retail Energy Providers, TDSPs, Investor Owned Utilities, Energy Aggregators, Co-ops and Municipals in the regulated and deregulated markets since 1997.

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SIGMA CC&B is a web-based customer care platform that provides an intuitive interface for customer care professionals to access customer information.The Customer Portfolio screen gives an at-a-glance.

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We are experts in the SIGMA CC&B System, and we work with each client to unlock hidden value from basic customer operation processes, providing additional insight on how best to streamline and improve.

Consulting Services

iSIGMA’s team of highly qualified professionals are industry experts with many years of experience in the energy industry. Our team’s goal is to utilize innovation and market expertise to focus on critical.