“We really appreciate iSIGMA’s help and support.Truth is, our customers are interested in working with us because of the operational effectiveness we’ve demonstrated throughout our history, and much of that effectiveness is derived through iSIGMA’s Customer Care & Billing platform and the flexibility it affords us.”
– A leading residential retailer ranked among the Top Five retailers.

“We recently switched our billing services to iSIGMA. While in most past experiences this is normally a pain stacking and tiresome exercise, the process was done fairly smoothly. The billing operations was actually working 100% on the first day after cutover along with Enrollments and all remittance features.”
– A retailer who transitioned to iSIGMA.

“As our Billing Services Vendor, iSIGMA provides the systems and infrastructure to generate tens of thousands of electricity bills every month. Since 2002, we have continuously counted on iSIGMA for our billing system needs”
– A Retailer who started with us in 2002 and is now part of a Large Multi Market Retailer

“iSIGMA has a team of seasoned individuals and billing application that has assisted us in growing to the 15th largest retail energy provider. iSIGMA has been a true partner in the success of Retail Energy Business”
– A Large Multi Market Retailer