SIGMA Smart Meter Reading & Reporting

iSIGMA offers a detailed view into customers’ energy usage with our smart meter reading and reporting solutions. Our technology and system expertise allows us to take a deeper, more-detailed look into usage. We believe it is important to be an informed company – and make sure your customers are informed too. Our reporting capabilities give our clients and their customers a clear and detailed view into usage. This allows for smart decisions and better planning, offering customers the ability to adjust their power consumption by voluntarily shifting it to lower cost periods and providing Retailers an extraordinarily detailed view of their customers usage by interval. Retailers can then use that information to gain competitive advantages by properly shaping their wholesale power purchases and their rate design and pricing.

It’s very important for energy retailers to understand and engage customers in demand-side management programs- in fact many regulatory authorities are demanding it. Through financial incentives and education, these programs encourage customers to install energy-efficient appliances and use power during nonpeak hours, for example, thus contributing to reduced peak energy usage and less demand for costly peak capacity. iSIGMA’s Smart Meter Analytics helps clients achieve these objectives by enabling them to segment their customer base. They can then send out precise marketing communications that will resonate with each customer segment to promote energy-savings programs most appropriate to their usage patterns and priorities. To support segmentation analysis, iSIGMA’s Smart Meter Analytics automatically generates consumption pattern profiles that identify and categorize customers who have similar energy usage behavior throughout the day. For example, you might discover that customers in different locations have very similar peak usage – in early evenings, perhaps, and again late at night. You can leverage these consumption pattern profiles together with customer attributes and consumption levels to create a new customer segment for the purpose of running a targeted energy efficiency program providing an incentive to customers to shift their usage from early evening to later at night. During and after the execution of the program our powerful suite of reports allows our clients to evaluate the effectiveness and return on investment of the load shift project by analyzing how the energy usage behavior of the customer segment changed in response to the incentives.

Using Big Data technologies iSIGMA processes data at extremely high speeds and provides the capability to respond quickly to market needs or pricing signals. The significant processing speed provides dynamic access to raw data and enables reporting on the high volume interval meter reads by way of better customer engagements and interactions.