SIGMA CC&B is available for Utilities in deregulated markets and also for Utilities in the regulated markets. For Utilities in the deregulated markets SIGMA CC&B enables all retail market operations and transactions required by a traditional transmission and distribution utility to serve retail customers through energy retailers. For Utilities in the regulated markets SIGMA CC&B enables IOUs, Municipals, Co-Ops and similar entities to manage their retail customers directly. Both deregulated & regulated versions are web-based and provide additional features such as –

  • Meter Management
    SIGMA CC&B allows a utility to manage its asset base of hundreds of thousands of meters installed at customer premises. Installation, maintenance and repair of meters are managed via SIGMA CC&B which allows a utility to maintain an accurate and up-to-date record of inventory, conditions and status of every meter deployed.
  • Meter Data Management
    SIGMA CC&B ensures the quality of meter data loaded into the system that will subsequently be used for billing purposes. It integrates with existing MV90 systems for the extraction of meter data. SIGMA CC&B also turns meter data into pertinent market transactions that are sent to other market constituents in EDI format.
  • Service Management
    SIGMA CC&B Workflow module plans and assigns meter service related work and service orders to field workers.
  • Tariff and Rate Management
    SIGMA CC&B allows a utility to manage its tariffs in the system. The Rate Plan Configuration Management tool allows the utility staff to set up and maintain all applicable tariffs, providing a high degree of flexibility in configuring tariff structures, rates and all the associated rate riders. These tariffs have to be accurately maintained to ensure the correct calculation of customer bills as well as transmission and distribution invoices payable by retail providers.