Workflow and Document Management System

SIGMA Workflow and Document Management system has a built-in Licensing Renewal Application (LRA) tool that supports the Nuclear Power Plant License Renewal process with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) and includes:

  • Determination of scoping status of the System, Structures and Components (SSC)
  • Scoping & Screening methodology for in scope SSC’s
  • Library of Technical Guides (TG’s) and Technical Basis documents (LVBD’s)
  • List of plant systems, structures & components
  • System functions and intended functions
  • System Descriptions (SDRD’s), System Boundary description, support systems
  • Various tables required in the application, such as Aging Management Review (AMR) results, Time Limited Aging Analyses (TLAA), materials and environment effects for AMR
  • RAI Tracking
  • Many other attributes required by the LRA regulations
  • SaaS delivery model reduces IT support costs